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Medical Screening Clinic, an affiliate of the Pasadena Bayshore Medical Center, provides medical testing and occupational health services (both in the Clinic and on-site at client locations).

Medical Screening Clinic specializes in conducting employee plysical examination and medical testing programs for the petrochemical industry and has been doing so since 1973. Its clients range from single location companies to large corporations with multiple sites.

The Clinic's services include a broad range of medical testing procedures. It utilizes computerized instrumentation and database systems that provide computerized multi-examination reports for its patients, attending physicians, and corporate medical departments. The reports compare test results with "normal" ranges (for the same age and sex), summarize abnormal findings, and show previous test results. This information allows patients and physicians to track historical medical results and to potentially detect subtle, yet important, trends. For the employer's benefit, the reports and databases assist with OSHA compiance and medical record keeping requirements. The databeses also allow for epidemiology studies and reports used in wellness programs and litigation defenses.

Medical Screening Clinic enjoys an outstanding reputation recognized by many of the largest companies in the area. It is dedicated to providing quality and responsive medical services.

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